Dry Dock services for vessels upto 250′ – 40′ beam – 1000 tons

Dry Dock

We have dry dock facilities capable of handling vessels over 250′ length, with a 40′ width at the dock gates. The dry dock is undergoing refurbishment and can take vessels up to 1000 tons.

The dry dock has been a long time unused. We are in the process of rebuilding and refurbishment, improving the site. The dock is now operational for shallow draft vessels, up to 8′ draft.


Dry Dock repairs

We are rebuilding the shipyard to be fully functioning and as capable as it was when built in 1885. New dock gates are well underway. The old gates had been removed and scrapped many years ago to allow a wider access to the dock. Unfortunately the dock flooded on every tide restricting working capabilities.

The above photo is one dock gate, 

Dutch barge on the Arctic Dry Dock awaiting repairs.