Our saw mill is available for cutting timber for vessel repair, or for your own independent needs.  

We have a Stenner VB42 fully portable Bandsaw / Resaw sawmill, Cable of cutting upto 22′ lengths and 3′ Diameter, Fast cutting with minimal wastage of wood. Loaded with or Fordson Major tractor crane, is an essential piece of equipment use in wooden vessel repair.


Saw Mill

Our Stenner VB42 Band saw / Re saw

Stenner VB42
Stenner VB42

Fully portable sawmill

Our sawmill is fully portable, and can be run at any location as long as the ground is hard enough to allow it to be blocked up and made stable. It is designed to be towed by a tractor, but we prefer to use a Hiab lorry to move the saw to different locations.

Cutting with sawmill

Any timbers can be cut on our sawmill, whether it be for boat repair or you are restoring and old barn or church, we can cut your timber to your requirements. Give us a call.

Sawmill rates

Please view our rates and insurance page to view the hourly rates for sawmill use. Minimum 1 hour.

Blade Damage

During the cutting of timber it is possible for the blade to strike unseen hard objects in the timber, a bullet or barb wire for example, grown in over many years. While the saw will cut through these obsticals, it ruins the blade, therefore, for one off cutting jobs, we ask for a deposit for blade replacement if we cut your own supplied timber