We can build and repair wooden spars, adjust existing spars to meet new rig design, with high quality timber.

Mast and Spar Repair

We can repair masts and spars, Or make new if beyond safe repair. New spars made to match originals or changed in lengths to suit new rig designs.

Workshop space to suit our needs

We can arrange large workshop spaces to provide the ability to produce large spars at great length, in a clean environment, with heavy lift capabilities.

Spar grade timber

High quality, straight grained, knot free timber , or different types, depending on requirements, can be sourced and supplied.


From experience, our preferred glue for the purposes of spar repair and manufacture is Resorcinol type glue.

Crane usage

We can organize cranes of large capacity for lifting spars (and any other items).Lifting mizzen

As well as bringing in cranes for large jobs, for smaller lifting jobs we have our own tractor crane

Fordson Major tractor crane
Fordson Major tractor crane

General problems to be fixed

A few photos to show the kinds of decay that can cause such problems.

Hounds DecayDecay set in at the Hounds, deep problems can only be made good with replacement of the area.

Mizzen Hounds newWhile the gaff below was beyond repair……

GaffAnd a new spar made…Spars


Often spars become so damaged through rot or other damage that a new spar is the only option, we can make new spars to re-use your old fittings, or obtain new furniture if required. Main GaffAbove shows the new main gaff.

Mizzen scarph
Mizzen scarph

Spars under construction and repair
Spars under construction and repair

In the 'square'
In the ‘square’


Often it is more cost effective to repair larger spars, with tight scarph joints and quality gluing, is as strong as original. The best quality timbers can be sourced.mizzen 1