Repairs and maintenance to steel vessels, from structural repairs to complete refits and conversions.

Steel work

We can repair and rebuild steel vessels, change cabin design and layouts to suit your requirements.

Vessel repair

All aspects of steel work under taken on any vessels. From hull plating to cabin repair,

The above shows re-plating work progressing on a ‘Van De stat 36’ including replacement of rudder tube and structural steel work, all heavily corroded and requiring replacement…

Hull plating being fitted, and tacked into position,

The bow plating at the forefoot of the stem was found thin, so had to be cut out back to sound plate…….

Where new steel was welded into place, and an invisible repair produced…

The vessel was then painted by us………

Vessel conversions

Aft cabins
Aft cabins

The above image is the steel trawler ‘Kilwarlin’. We had to remove the original deck house directly behind the wheel house, and build a new larger structure to the owners requirements. The transformation of internal space made the vessel far more suited to its new roll.

Kilwarlin, aft viewSteel components also need to be fabricated for wooden vessels too,

Engine room bulkhead ‘MFV119’

Vessel conversons

Deck beamsWe can undertake large projects of complete vessel conversions, perhaps converting a trawler into sailing, or just increasing cabin sizes, its all possible.SteelworkWe like to work closely with owners to ensure we can produce what is required, often plans change as works progress.
102_2080Deck cut away for expansion of aft deck house (above)Kilwarlin Cowes

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Components made in stainless steel can be custom made to fit the exact need.


Contact us for current galvanizing prices, generally 1 week turn around.

Sand blasting / descaling

We can arrange sand blasting operations on vessels that require that treatment.


With so much metal work on vessels, we have often found the need to fabricate items to fit the vessel, to suit a certain purpose that ‘off the shelf’ items will not meet,

Tacked ready for welding
Tacked ready for welding

From stainless steel hawse pipes, to tabernacles,Mizzen tabernacleChain plates , stem head fittings and any other imaginable, necessary item.


We can arrange for steel work to be galvanized, with a one week turn around. Contact us for prices.Mainmast tabernacle