Hourly Rates.

Due to the highly labour intensive nature of traditional boat repair, we strive to keep labour rates as low as possible to encourage projects to take place, but allowing for purchase and replacement of tools, rents, and insurances needed in line with the nature of the business, so we have a staggered labour rate to reflect length of work expected.

For jobs 1 week and less, £35.00 per hour for skilled workers,

For Jobs longer than 1 week, £30.00 per hour for skilled workers.

£25.00 per hour for general workers, labour assistance, all other duty’s.

Contractors rates differ. Contact for specific contractor rates.


We have a one week invoicing policy, that allows the customer to keep a close track on costs and progress of work with regular updates with weekly meetings to discuss the direction of the job, allowing for changes to be made quickly and efficiently.


We hold public & products liability insurance up to £3,000,000 inline with the requirements of most boatyards.

If insurance cover needs to be extended for a specific job, that can be arranged.

Saw Mill

Hourly rates differ for saw mill work. Due to the high speed of cutting timber, but allowing for the considerable preparation of the sawmill before cutting, and allowing for cleaning away saw dust etc, after cutting.

Saw mill = £50.00 per hour.

Deposit of £150.00 to be paid in case of damage to blade if cutting your own supplied timber.

(Deposit not necessary if timber is being cut for a vessel undergoing repairs by us)


We can provide an idea of the amount of time a certain repair might take, but te nature of wooden boats means that a vast amount of unseen decay will be lurking out of side, until the job progresses and the problem has to be attended to. So consideration must be given that work may take 3 or 4 times longer than first estimated.

We strive to work closely with owners, keeping up to date with regular progress reports etc, so new found problems can be dealt with in the most efficient , cost effective and long lasting manner.

We can provide estimates for works. But it is the nature of wooden boats for problems to be hidden , unseen to any inspection, until work starts and the decay is seen, therefore causing the repair works first required to be extended 3 or 4 times longer than first estimated.

We work closely with owners/agents, providing regular progress updates, and information regarding new found problems, and the best way to remedy the problem in the most efficient, cost effective and importantly, longest lasting repairs.

We must stress, an estimate is the most basic guide to the cost of works, and preparation should be made for the unknown.